Everyone has a purpose in life.  Sadly, many of us do not know what our calling is.  I once heard that purpose is not something we choose, but something we discover.

The Almighty has blessed me with many talents.  I am not going to say that i’m the best writer in the world or that i compare with people such as Edgar Allan Poe, Mark Twain or Stephen King, but I am okay relative to the average person.  As a child of God, i know that i am called to spread the good news of salvation, freedom and peace (a.k.a. the gospel of Christ) to others, but I have never been very outgoing or very talkative to get the message out.  So, I worried that I was not doing my mission.  A few years back i had the idea of starting a blog about christian living.  This would not only allow me to reach those close to me, but also those far off whom I would not be able to talk to otherwise.

I came to the knowledge of the truth at an early age, thanks to the parents God gave me.  Thus far, I have had the guidance of the Father in my life, which has helped me stay out of trouble, be prosperous and have the necessary resources to confront anything that comes my way.

In my thirty years of life, i have come to realize how badly people need God.  This makes sense since we were never meant to live separated from God.  A lot of people are out there not knowing what to do with their lives – without a sense of direction – lost.  They are looking for something, but they don’t know what they are looking for.  What’s going to make them happy?  What’s going to give them satisfaction?  What is their place in this world?  What they are looking for, unknowingly, is God.

My goal is that through this blog some will come to know God, and that those who already know Him be encouraged in their walk and come to the fullness of Christ – taking advantage of all the riches given to us through The Son.