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Thank You, Lord, for Jesus

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Whenever I meditate on Jesus’ death and what it means to the world, I cannot help but feel an immense gratitude.  This is more so when I have sinned and feel so unworthy and weak.  I thank God for the blood of Jesus, for it cleanses my sins constantly and allows me to have a relationship with the Father and the Son – this is priceless!

In the beginning, the Murderer took our lives by deceiving us and leading us to disobey our Father.  As a result, we were separated from God and were moved from Light to Darkness.  We were in slavery to our flesh.  We were dead.  We were without hope.  Until… Jesus died and came into the tomb and showed us the way back to life – resurrection.

It is so great to know that if I mess up, the blood of Christ cleanses me.  Jesus is my defense lawyer and makes petitions for me.  It is so great to feel clean and be able to be in the Presence of God and talk to Him and have His protection and guidance. It is so great to never feel alone and know that the Almighty will help me through any issue.

Thank you, Father, for giving your Son to us.  Thank you for His blood.  Thank you for Your Holy Spirit.  Thank you for your Word. Thank you for life!  Thank you for not leaving us dead in the tomb and for going out of Your way to bring us back to You – back to life.

A million times, thank You!