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Who am I?

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Who am I?

In this day and age, many people suffer with identity crises.  I am no exception.  We ask things like, What do i like?  What am i good at?   What career should I choose?  What is my guy/girl type?  What is my calling/gift?  and, What is my purpose in life?  In essence, many of us do not know ourselves.  Thus, we try different things hoping to find out.

One thing i like to do a lot is find parallels in real life or in movies to the Spiritual realm.  Jesus often used situations in our physical life to help us understand the Heavenly things.

It is amazing how many parallels there are between physical life and spiritual life.  Many things in this world have a corresponding entity in the Spiritual realm.  Being currently in the flesh, it is easier for us to comprehend the things of this world than the things in Heaven.  This is why God started us off with the Law of Moses, showing us the shadow of things which were to come, so it’d be easier for understand the Spiritual things later on when Jesus came (Galatians 3:24).  God is Spirit, and as His children, so are we.

One of my favorite movie parallels comes from the Disney classic The Lion King.  For those of you who have not seen it, i strongly recommend it.  The lion king’s son, Simba, flees from his land and people at an early age because he believes he is responsible for his father’s death (that is also what his evil uncle told him to do).  He grows up in a far away land with Timon and Pumba, who live by the Hakuna Matata philosophy (no worries).  Simba denies who he is, living the life of a “peasant” (in the animal world) – a pig and a meerkat – eating and acting as such.  That is, until he gets a wake-up call from someone from his past.

Many years later, Simba meets up with long-time wise family friend (unrecognizable to him now), Rafiki.  Rafiki was ecstatic to know that Simba was alive and not dead like everyone back in Pride Rock thought.  He excitedly approaches Simba, singing an annoying song.  Bothered by his antics, Simba asks him, “Who are you?” and Rafiki responds, “The question is, who are YOU?”  Simba then sighs and says, “I thought i knew, but now i’m not so sure.”

Fast forward a few minutes and Simba, with the help of Rafiki, encounters his father in the heavens, Mufasa.  Mufasa then addresses his son, “Simba, you have forgotten me … You have forgotten who you are and so have forgotten me.  Look inside yourself, Simba.  You are more than what you have become.  You must take your place in the circle of life … Remember who you are.  You are my son and the one true king.  Remember who you are.”

If you would like to see the full clip, view it on YouTube below.

This scene, when looked at closely, is very deep.  Many of us go through life like Simba, not living up to our High Calling.  This is because we don’t realize who we are, Spiritually.   Instead, we focus on what we are physically.  I’m a teacher.  I’m a doctor.  I’m an electrician.  Does your profession here describe you?  Jesus was a carpenter.  Like all of us, He had to eat (2 Thes 3:10)!  But, Jesus knew all along that His purpose here on earth was not to make things out of wood.  He had a mission – to do His Father’s will, which thankfully means that we have not been left to die in our sins but have been rescued out of darkness.

We are sons and daughters of the Almighty God (Psalms 82:6; Gal 3:26).  Is that to be taken lightly?  I know many of us would say, “yeah, i know i’m a child of God.”  But, do we truly realize what that means?  It is difficult to fathom, I know.  It takes a lot of time of being in the Light before we can see clearly.  As sons of God, we are His heirs and co-heirs with Christ (Rom 8:16,17).  We are made priests and kings through the blood of our Savior Jesus Christ (Rev 1:6; 5:10).  Most definitely, we are more than what we think we are.  We are royalty!  And, we must take our place in the kingdom.  If you want to know more about yourself, take time to know God, for He is the essence of who we are (Gen 1:26; Acts 17:28,29).


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